Water Softeners in Colorado Springs, CO

Water Softener System.

Expert Water Treatment

Do you have hard water? Sediment build-up around your faucets or drains means you have hard water. The Happy Plumber Company has several water treatment solutions, including water softener installation, for our customers in Colorado Springs, CO. Here’s why our customers know they can rely on us for water treatment solutions:

  • All our technicians are licensed plumbers
  • We focus on our customers’ investments
  • We are committed to customer satisfaction, professionalism and sustainability

Moreover, we follow these core values, which allow us to create a unique customer-centered approach to service:

  • Trust
  • Empathy
  • Confidence
  • Positive attitude

So, if you’re looking to clean up your water, our team of dedicated plumbing professionals can get a water-softening system set up fast and effectively. Learn more about what we can do for you or get scheduled for service by calling (719) 426-6030.

Our Water Softeners Installation Services

Homeowners wanting water softeners installation in Colorado Springs, CO know they can trust The Happy Plumber Company. We have established ourselves as a leading plumbing contractor providing a wide range of services from water heaters and drain cleaning to sump pumps and water treatment solutions.

While having hard water–water with a high mineral content–isn’t as harmful to your home or health as other issues, it can create problems. Sediment build-up can cause clogs or even damage your water heater. Hard water can irritate your skin, cause itchiness and dry out your hair. It can also damage your clothes and make your glassware brittle.

With a water-softening system, you’ll eliminate such problems. You’ll also eliminate high concentrations of minerals like calcium or magnesium, which creates the scaling on pipes and around drains. This means your plumbing will last longer because there will be no sediment build-up that creates clogs or leads to corrosion. And, when you work with us, you can expect exceptional service. Our goal is to make sure your plumbing is dependable.

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If you’re interested in water softener installation in Colorado Springs, CO, let the experts at The Happy Plumber Company help you. We offer plenty of options to improve your water quality. Get scheduled for a service appointment today by phoning our office today at (719) 426-6030.