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Trenchless Pipe Relining

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Want to avoid getting your yard torn up for plumbing repairs? The Happy Plumber Company offers a variety of trenchless repair options, including trenchless pipe relining in Colorado Springs, CO. Offering this unique repair service is just one of many ways we stay focused on our customers. Here are other reasons you might like our services:

  • All our technicians are licensed plumbers
  • We focus on our customers’ investments, including yards and other property.
  • We are committed to customer satisfaction, professionalism and sustainability

Moreover, our customer-centered approach is unique because we follow these core values:

  • Trust
  • Empathy
  • Confidence
  • Positive attitude

We want to make sure that when you need water or sewer line repair you have options. That’s why we offer trenchless repairs. Get an estimate from us today or schedule services by calling (719) 426-6030.

Our Trenchless Pipe Relining Services

When you get pipes repaired with trenchless pipe relining in Colorado Springs, CO, you’ll benefit from a unique service. Moreover, you’ll also benefit from The Happy Plumber Company‘s unique approach to customer service. Our licensed and friendly plumbers will make sure you completely understand the process before proceeding. They’ll also provide effective repairs that keep your plumbing system flowing right. We try to make our process as worry-free as possible.

Pipe relining involves threading a resin-soaked flexible pipe through the damaged pipe, creating a pipe within a pipe. The resin hardens and seals the new pipe inside the old one. Although the new pipe is slightly narrower than the old, it doesn’t impede the movement of material through it.

Moreover, with trenchless methods, minimal excavation is needed. In other words, very little of your yard is torn up. And, we’ll clean up your property after we’re done.

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When you have problems with your underground plumbing and are searching for trenchless pipe relining in Colorado Springs, CO, as a repair option, look no further than The Happy Plumber Company. We offer a full assortment of plumbing repairs that will preserve your property and your plumbing. Schedule an appointment with us or get a repair estimate today by calling (719) 426-6030.